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Connecting people, knowledge
and resources for the greater good
of our oceans

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Researchers from Silliman University & CCEF monitor restoration & recovery efforts of typhoon-damaged coral reefs in Siquijor Island. The project is supported by Foundation for the Philippine Environment, UNICO Conservation Foundation, & Siquijor Province, Philippines.

The ocean cannot wait!

The ocean is caught in a squeeze between local pressures and global changes. The impacts are accelerating, and they are threatening to overwhelm our ocean’s ecosystems.

There are countless people around the world working hard to counter these threats and to protect and restore our ocean.

We believe it would make a tremendous difference if we would all join forces, so that each of us, as individuals, could work better and go faster.

To save the ocean, our actions must have greater impact.

Local Pressures

  • Over-fishing
  • Agriculture run-off
  • Destructive fishing
  • Human waste
  • Coastal development

Global Changes

  • Climate change
  • Coral bleaching
  • Ocean acidification
  • Plastic waste
  • Storm intensity

Who we are

A collaborative awareness event about Sunfish & the local Marine Protected Area by researcher Marianne Nyegaard & the Coral Triangle Centre at Geko Dive in Padang Bai, Bali, Indonesia.

The Big Blue Network is a global community of dedicated professionals from local associations, non-governmental organizations, marine tourism, universities, research institutes and government ministries passionate about the ocean, marine life and marine sciences.

We share the belief that we can make a difference – and that we can help someone else, somewhere else have greater impact too.

We jump the gap – of culture, expertise, and organizations – to find better solutions to the problems we are facing.

We connect to share what we know, learn from each other’s experiences, encourage each other, and help find the right resources fast.

Through collaboration with each other, we can provide greater value to our organizations and our communities.

Examples Include:

Marine Biologists, Community Organisers, MPA Managers, Researchers, Coastal Protection Managers, Conservation Communications Specialists, Microbiologists, Fisheries Inspectors & Managers, Species Conservation Experts, Reef Restoration Specialists, Eco-tourism Managers, Mangrove Specialists, Oceanographers

What we encourage

Local staff return a turtle to sea after rehabilitation at the Turtle Rescue Centre at Gaya Island Resort in Sabah, Malaysia.

  • Putting good science into practice
  • Optimizing conservation and restoration activities
  • Fact-based marine education & awareness programs
  • Innovation in research
  • Durable solutions for local communities

About The Big Blue Network

Documenting dolphin behaviour at the Dolphin Encountours Research Center, Ponta do Ouro Marine Reserve, Mozambique.

What we do

  • Connect people, knowledge and resources.

What we do not do

  • As an organization, the Big Blue Network does not have a mission to create awareness in the general public – that is what you do!
  • We do not execute activities ourselves aimed at restoring or protecting the ocean. We focus on helping you become more effective.
  • We are not involved in territory/land leases or purchases for conservation purposes – many of you already do this better than we ever could!
  • We do not spend money to generate money. We think it is a bad idea to compete for funding with the same people we are trying to help!

The Big Blue needs you!


Membership is free. Benefits include access to:

  • Members’ Clubhouse
  • Community Directory
  • Education resources
  • Funding information and tips
  • Communication tools and tips
  • Fast facts and news you can use
  • General forum to ask questions and to share
  • Interest Groups – join one or create one
  • Big Blue Newsletter

Big Blue exists for you, so let us know what resources and information would best help you!

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Become a Passionate Supporters and receive the Big Blue Newsletter. This group was created for people who care about the ocean and its eco-systems, and who are not (yet!) working in the field.  It includes:

  • Students in marine-related studies
  • Education professionals
  • Conservation project volunteers
  • Underwater video and photographers
  • Divers, surfers, and sailors
  • Finance and accounting experience
  • Grant writers, graphic designers
  • Web creators
  • Communications specialists


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If you are interested in sponsoring the Big Blue Network financially, please contact our sponsorship team.

We are a small and efficient team that believes in the smart application of technology, respect for the local context,  and leveraging the knowledge of our Member community to optimize impact.